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Nil Khosol Co., Ltd. is an engineering company providing fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance

Safety and health at work
Since our people are our most valuable asset we are always aware of the safety and health at work. Staff are informed of the work related injuries and how to prevent them.

We have preventive measures for dangerous substances such as chemical agents, metallic particles, asbestos; stress at work; musculo skeletal disorder and possible accidents.

Workers in the factory and at job sites are required to use safety equipment such as proper gloves, safety glasses, cutting goggles, full face shields, ear plugs, safety shoes, safety helmets, safety belts. It is also advised to use proper clothes during the work.

Good practice is advised for the handling of heavy materials: bending knees, lifting with legs, keeping the work close to body, walking in the clear path and pre-planning the job.

Warning signs are put up at the places where there is a danger: heavy press at work, x-ray equipment, etc. Locations of fire extinguishers, water hydrants and first aid kit are clearly marked and made known to all staff. Emergency phone numbers such as the nearest hospitals, police and fire department are put up at visible places.

All our permanent staff are covered under the government social welfare programme. There are also regular visits by the hospital staff for health examination of the workers.

Training on safety, health and proper use of safety equipment is provided to all new employees.