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Nil Khosol Co., Ltd. is an engineering company providing fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance

We will keep a high standard of workmanship to attain the required quality. We follow the specifications set out by clients. If necessary we can propose a specifications suitable for the project.

The specifications set by our clients will be throughly studied and followed strictly. In case we can not find the approved painting materials in the local market, we will submit a complete set of manufacturer's catalogues of equivalent ones to our client for approval.

Surface preparation
A degree of surface preparation shall be conformed with client's approved specifications, or Swedish Standard Institute (SIS).

All surfaces shall be cleaned elaborately to remove oil, mill scale, weld slag and other objects before priming.

Surface preparation and application of prime coat shall be parallel operations to be performed within a maximum delay of 4 hours. No blasting cleaning shall be performed near the dew point (not less than 3ºC above it).

Shop painting
Painting work shall be applied to dry, clean and prepared surfaces under favorable conditions in accordance with paint manufacturer's instructions. Unless otherwise recommended by any paint manufacturer, painting work shall not be done when the ambient temperature is less than 5ºC or the relative humidity is more than 85%.

Unless otherwise instructed by any paint manufacturer, a method of spray shall be applied to all coatings. Where spray application is impractical, methods of roller or brush shall be applied.

All coatings shall be uniformly applied without runs, sags, blemishes, blisters or dry spray.
Any irregularities shall be removed and recoated.
Special attention shall be paid to crevices welds, corners and edges to obtain the required dry film thickness.

In case that the required times of coating is twice, the first coating color shall be darker than the second one.

Unpainted parts: the following items shall not be painted, unless otherwise specified.

1. Friction surface for high strength bolt connections (Gusset plate and its area within 25 mm around gusset plate)

  1. 2. Part to be welded at site (50 mm in width from any welding line)
  2. 3. Machined surface
  3. 4. Anchor bolt and nut including anchor frame and parts to be embedded in concrete
  4. 5. Other bolt, nut and washer than anchor bolt and nut
  5. 6. Stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, etc.
  6. 7. Non-ferrous metal
  7. 8. Plastic, rubber, glass, etc.
  8. 9. Surface of galvanized products
  9. 10. Surface to be lined with resin, rubber, nickel-based alloy, etc.
Rust prevention
Concerning the following items of the unpainted parts, rustproof treatment shall be performed at shop for rust prevention.
  1. 1. Parts to be welded at site shall be coated with drying and easily removable rust preventive.
  2. 2. Machined surfaces shall be coated with non-drying and easily removable rust preventive.
  3. 3. Anchor bolts and nuts shall be coated with a proper quantity of greese to threaded portions only, and coated portions shall be covered with cloths so as not to pollute other portions.
  4. 4. Other bolts, nuts and washers shall be coated with a small quantity of machine-oil.
Test and inspection
All matters concerning test and inspection shall be strictly conformed with client's specifications.
Unless otherwise specified in the client's specifications, test and inspection shall be performed in accordance with the latest edition of American Standards.

Test and inspection equipment shall be kept under the good storage condition. We shall use only the equipment that is calibrated and tested periodically.