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Nil Khosol Co., Ltd. is an engineering company providing fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance

Packing and shipping
Packing and shipping of all goods (manufactured, semi-fabricated or raw, etc.) are performed under the strict guidance of the required specifications.

All matters concerning delivery preparation and packing shall be strictly conformed with the client's instruction.

All goods shall be given acceptable standard of protection to prevent damage, corrosion and entering of foreign matters during transportation and storage.
All flanges, openings, nozzles, machined faces, etc. shall be covered with wood, metal or plastic plates, and special care shall be paid to threaded parts.

In case that there will be any possibility of deformation or distortion during the transportation, goods shall be reinforced properly by temporary materials.

Protection materials shall be fastened, and shall not be tack-welded to any goods with the exception of unavoidable cases.

Marking and tagging
All punch marks for each center line, standard line, gauge line and direction made during the fabrication works shall be clearly encircled with paint-marking.

All matchmarks (which have a pair of unique ones each and facilitate matching components to be connected on site) shall be clearly encircled with paint-marking, and arrangement drawings of matchmarks shall be delivered together with the goods.

All goods shall be fully identified by means of both paint-marking and tagging in accordance with the "Check List".

As for any goods exceeding one ton per each in weight, actual weight and center of gravity shall be indicated on the goods each by paint-marking.

All goods shall be packed in accordance with customary transportation packing standard so as to prevent any damage, deterioration or loss during transportation and storage.
As for the package style of the goods to be delivered, "skid" shall be applied in order to load and unload with ease. However "case" or "crate" shall be applied for small parts including bolts, nuts, washers, etc. so as to prevent any loss.

Packing list shall be prepared describing the package number, drawing number, part number, quantity, etc. per each package. Complete set of packing lists shall be submitted to the client per each delivery.
Each package shall be marked with the package number, gross weight, sling marks, discrimination mark and other instruction marks in oily ink. In addition, each package shall have two sets of respective packing lists enclosed one by one in vinyl envelope. One set shall be put into the package, and another one set shall be attached outside with adhesive tape so as not to remove.


Inland transportation (including marine)
Transportation plan on routes, means, counter measure, etc. shall be submitted to the client for approval.

Every reasonable means and care shall be used to prevent any damage or deterioration during transportation. Transit insurance against any damage during transportation shall be provided if agreed in the contract terms.

Prior to transportation, details such as delivery dates, arrival time at site, name of goods, number of packages, volume, weights, number of trucks and so on shall be informed to the client for preparation of site unloading and storage.